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Beats by Dre vs. Bose Headphones

Two of the most successful headphone manufacturers out there have had some tough competition recently over their headphone distribution. Beats by Dre are expertly marketed and have widely become one of the most popular brands of headphones and other phones of sound, like the Pill speaker that they have released and done well with. Beats by Dre has also done an excellent job of using celebrities and athletes to market their headphones for them, by bringing in top athletes in recent years, such as Colin Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch.

Bose, on the other hand, has been a quality manufacturer of headphones, sound systems, and even car audio for years. One of the first to make noise canceling technology accessible for consumers, Bose has been setting the bar for excellence in the audio industry for years. While both are quality brands, there is certainly a difference between the Beats and the Bose. Beats by Dre are known for their impressive bass, but it’s not all about the bass when it comes to differences between the two competitors.

The Great Headphone Debate

Sound Quality

This may sound like an objective category, and in some ways it is. But how consumers will rate sound quality depends on their preference in sound. The Beats by Dre headphones are known for their emphasis on powerful bass that makes them great for hip hop and other genres that emphasize lower notes. Bose is known for having a more balanced sound and one that can be used to listen to a wide variety of music genres.


While Beats by Dre have adopted a more modern style to their headphone and to the rest of their product line, Bose has stayed committed to the classic, black and silver style that they have used in designing their products for years. Each design is sure to appeal to a different demographic and consumer, so it makes sense that the manufacturers have stayed consistent in the way they manufacture their products.


This debate made headlines recently when, as part of the NFL’s commitment to its Bose sponsor, it fined its players that refused to make the switch and were still sporting their Beats by Dre headphones. Players were able to wear the headphone as long as they covered up the lowercase b logo. The ordeal became quite a large issue, as some players elected to continue using their Beats, some even did so without covering up the logo and received fines.

Beyerdynamic and Shure

Music lovers may be surprised to learn that Bose and Beats aren’t necessarily the industry leaders when it comes to quality sound. They are marketed the best, for sure, and their commitment to the “cool” factor always keeps their products among the top competitors in the industry. But some of the pickiest audio technicians and engineers turn to other manufacturers, such as Beyerdynamic and Shure, for their headphone solutions. These less well known brands, along with others such as Audio Technica and AKG, are providing excellent headphones at a reasonable price.

The question of headphone and audio quality is one that won’t be decided anytime soon. One benefit in this debate is the ability of users to go on in to entertainment and electronic stores to try out the headphones for themselves. It’s also important that once a purchase is made, the listener optimizes their phone’s settings for use with their particular pair of headphones. While each of these brands has their strengths and weaknesses, each delivers quality sound that users can be happy with, as long as the prices fit their budget.

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