How to Make the Most of an Xbox One S

Many people are playing console games right this very minute. I recently purchased an Xbox One S console, the Battlefield 1 bundle from Amazon. But even after owning several consoles I realized there are still things to learn when it comes to making the most of a console gaming experience. Next-gen consoles make upgrades to the TV and accessories even more tempting, so it’s important to know where money is spent the best.

Everyone knows that having a console with one controller is pretty much a waste of money. Unless you intend to always play alone or online, it’s a huge safeguard to have an extra controller, even if it’s just for holidays when family is visiting. And that’s just the first thing to remember to make the most out of an investment in a new console.

Tips for and after an Xbox One S Purchase

Go for an Extra Controller

These controllers come in either black or white, and are available from Amazon for around $50. Upgrading to a second controller may even be cheaper when it’s done along with a new console bundle. I got mine for around $25 with the upgrade along with my console. There are tons of benefits to having an extra controller. It can be used as a replacement if the first one’s batteries run out. Most importantly, it can be used by a second player for the many console games that offer great multiplayer options.

Play and Charge Kit

An investment in a rechargeable battery pack is something I haven’t made yet, but it’s a decision I’m bound to regret as soon as the batteries die in my main controller. One of the biggest benefits of a battery pack is that it allows the main controller to be plugged in and recharged, so that the user isn’t constantly searching the house for a pair of AA batteries. These can be found on Amazon for about $25. Even if the extra controllers still use batteries, it pays to have one with a battery pack.

Upgrade to a 4K TV

The Xbox One S makes even better use of a 4K TV than its predecessor console did. This is great news for those that were lucky enough to get one of the newer televisions this past Christmas. For those that didn’t, an upgrade to a 4K television ought to be one of the next things they start saving up for. Games like FIFA, Madden, and Battlefield 1 are best experienced on a beautiful screen that makes the most out of the powerful graphics built into one of these newer consoles.

Get EA Access to try New Games

For $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year, users can get EA Access, and get unlimited play of EA Games (minus the newest titles). This gives gamers the chance to try out games they are curious about, without having to purchase the newest version and risk owning a game they don’t like! They can even try EA games before they’re released, so they have a head start on knowing what games they want to purchase.

Purchasing an Xbox One S is going to be one of the most exciting things for gamers in 2017, especially if they associate it with the right accessories and games. There are lots of games out there, so it’s difficult to suggest them to someone without knowing their preferences, but these tips will help someone get the most out of their Xbox One S, no matter what games they prefer on their new console.

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