How to Be Respectful When Texting

textingThere are times it is helpful to know cell phone etiquette when it comes to texting.  Some people don’t think about it and consider texting as a part of how they live and breathe.  There are people who text while driving, eating, talking, and other social settings.  At times it comes off rude and inconsiderate when pulling out your mobile device and start sending messages.  Overall, it is able using common sense.  In many cases a text message can wait to be answered or sent when the situation is the right time. You can monitor your loved one’s texting habits with Highster Mobile and make sure they’re not being rude. Here are some tips on how to be respectful and safe when texting.

Use Common Sense
This seems so easy but a lot of people get annoyed very quickly when it is obvious you aren’t using it.  Certain public settings or actions you engage in shouldn’t include grabbing your device and texting.  If you are talking with a friend in a casual setting this could be okay.  If you are somewhere that requires your full attention or in the presence of others you may need to reconsider actions you intend to do with your phone.  Put your phone on silent and wait until it is the right time to review and send messages.  Other words, be prepared for people to look at you strange or even get an attitude if you start texting during an inappropriate moment.

Know When You Shouldn’t Texttexting
If you are in a public place such as a movie theater it is likely not a good idea to pull out your phone and start texting.  Texting while operating a vehicle is something millions of people do daily but that doesn’t mean you are supposed to.  If you are walking in an area where there are other people around or uneven gravel you run the risk of hurting others or yourself due to lack of attention.  Some restaurant settings may be inappropriate for cell phone use as well as doctor offices and any time an interview is being conducted.

Texting Shouldn’t Be a Distraction
If you want to be respectful of others when texting, consider your situation first before you start. You will need to think about whether the action would be considered a distraction.  For example, texting while driving is a distraction since you should be concentrating on the road.  Texting at the cash register can be distracting to the cashier who is servicing you.  Texting at a movie theater could be distracting because of bright light that comes from the device others can see easily.  Stop and think if the action of texting would distract others.

Additional Tips to Consider about Texting
Some people may not think much about using abbreviations, tone, and keeping their messages brief.  When you do need to send a message and it is important try to keep it brief.  The same would go for taking a phone call in the presence of others. If the setting is casual you are probably safe to text as long as others are not bothered.

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